About Matt "Melodious" Coe

matt Hello there and welcome to my site! I’m Matt “Melodious” Coe and I love to write music. Feel free to take a listen and hopefully you’ll find something you like.

Early on I played piano, Suzuki method I think it was. It’s hard to remember the exactness of it all, except that I mostly learned by trying to copy whatever my teacher played. Then it was trumpet, but that was always intimidating because the guy who played 1st chair in Jazz band was an absolute BEAST on that horn. So I settled for 2nd chair.

Around 19, my brother fooled me into trying the guitar, because he was already in love with it. So I gave in, and I think it’s still by far my most favorite instrument to play, although I can play many others. I played in some bands for a few years, and then decided to get a composition degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts in 2001.

After moving to LA on September 11, 2001, I began selling pro audio gear, and happened to end up installing a Pro Tools system at Coolio’s house. After I finished, he offered me a beer, and we hopped into his deafening Hummer and blazed a fat one as we cruised around for a bit. His advice to me: “Marry a rich woman.” I didn’t take his advice.

Teaching consumed a grip on my time and I felt it was necessary for me to play and create more music. So, I opened Melodious Coe’s Music in 2005. We had a recording studio, teaching facilities, rock bands, and all kinds of crazy projects involving good times and amazing music.

Now I work out of my home studio in West LA on all kinds of different musical projects, and in my spare time I like to play a little golf, ride my bike around, and cook some tasty food.